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Submitted on
March 22, 2007


171 (1 today)
  • Listening to: And Justus For All - Little Brother
  • Reading: Public Enemy #2 By Aaron McGruder
  • Watching: House
  • Playing: Still don't have a next gen platform
  • Eating: Umm,
  • Drinking: Water, Tea, Fruit Punch
Just a quick update.

Prime is coming out slower than expected, so I guess I have no choice but to draw two at a time and color them one by one, that way if I get behind I still have another one ready.

My plans for art school were set back again, instead of starting next week, I'll be starting during the summer. This is for financial reasons, I don't wanna be halfway through the semster and get pulled out due to a problem with financial aid LOL.

Well atleast with this gap between now and school I can work on my portfolio and hopefully qualify for a scholarship.

Until later,

Jam, ya'll!

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